Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the Silver Lining...

One good thing about a
project being canned is being able to
post your work..hmm.. in theory.

This was done in Sept of 06. It was my first assignment at Concrete. I don't think I captured the grand contrast between the beauty of the clouds & mountains verses the grime & gritty character that the Favelas hold. Overall the piece is too happy and playful looking for what it should have been. Yet the 'creative' director said it was exactly what he was looking for...go figure. Wonder whatever happened to that studio > <



Unknown said...

I don't know about this image but i like the sig at the bottom!!! hahaha

Joshua James said...

Pfft.. I don't know about any of the images on this blog.

Anonymous said...

so cool! reminds me of this indian town called Shimla.. its really beautiful: http://sems.und.edu/~sems/Trips/India04/Blog/IMAGES/Shimla1.jpg

enb said...

great take on the favelas josh. i think if you got more moody a lot of the detail would be lost making for even more work on the modelers- so I think its a great and very usable bit of concept art.
Hope you post more of this-
...and watch out for that colors on the ds- super addictive art tool.

joe suitor said...

i still wish this was a graphic novel...

Funkeiro Da Rocinha said...

I like very much you favela picture. I am from favela of Rocinha and love the picture. It look very much like my home in Rocinha.

thank you,


"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Joshua!!!

I really like your Favela shanty town work.
Please have a look i on blog. When i was a student i directed my student film set in the favelas. I drew and painted all 42 layouts/backgrounds in the film.
You can watch the animation on there too.

Your work is lovely and i find it very inspiring to see another persons take on a very simular project to my own!!!

Great work!!

All the best,


Mariana said...

Hi, Joshua:

We’re writing you from Mexico City. We’re Logos Editores and we would like to use your work “Favelas” for the cover of a book edited by the Universidad de la Ciudad de México. The book is about economical and social development is Latin America and we can send you an abstract or parts of it if you want to be more informed about it.
Unfortunately, there’s no paying for this, but of course your name would appear giving you the credit.
If you accept, we need the image in high resolution and your approval as soon as possible.

Mariana Colmenares
Logos Editores

Mariana said...

Please, send a mail to claudia_logos@yahoo.com.mx

Anonymous said...

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