Friday, January 25, 2008

iSHUT -Concrete Games- DOWN'

El' Presidente' is not amused..

(In all his unfinished and ..guaranteed to be unfinished glory!)

I wish a heart felt good luck to all the other guys and gals that were laid off. As for me I was seriously fortunate to be hooked up with some full time contract work the day after it went down. It's a different genre and very refreshing.



Andy Murray said...

El capitan got El decapitated :(

I'm more bummed that Watts is gonna miss out on their resident cheerleader.

Paul Richards said...

Glad to hear you've landed firmly on your feet!

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh,

I left my computer on at work, so I didn't get your message until well after.

Bummer about the job, but I'm glad to hear you got some contract work going!

Powell said...

Hey Joshua, Sorry to hear the terrible news... I hate seeing good artists get laid off! And in this case whole teams. Glad to hear you were fortunate enough to land contract work. I've been scouring the market for an entry-gig which seems impossible to land, but geesh... Hearing about stuff like this is just heartbreaking!

On a side note, really dig this El' Presidente' design! Keep it up bro!

Erwin Madrid said...

Hey Josh, yes it's been a while. Thanks for stopping by.
Nice sketches you got on this blog! I'll come back and visit.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you bounced back right away. your good so there wasnt a problem for you.

Unknown said...

HEY! Aren't those under an Xtreme NDA! Pfftt... I'm telling!


Unknown said...

ya that's right i said it!

Mike Mitchell said...

awesome post dude! Theres some really great stuff. I would list what I like, but theres just too much!