Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Get Cho COMIC CON on!

I reallly don't like to throw around the word 'BOOYAW'! But, the Comic Con is just so bleedin fun! Hope to meet an absurd amount of artists and art books! To my imaginary friends that read this slow motion blog, who all are going !! ? !!

And so this post isn't a complete's something recent.

This is a work in progress(note the lack of legs and ground O O). My good homie Jaime Jones did a paint over for me(see the 2nd image). He mentioned the monster's arm on the right is a bit distracting and the guy's perspective on the right is a bit off compared to the rest of the characters. I'll do what I can to fix that up, but I really need to just finish this tragedy and move on to the next. This was the first of a couple of images I was going to whip up to show to the Magic the Gathering AD to hopefully get some some card illustration freelance. At 26 I just got my first car and that loan could use some chunks knocked out of it. ^ ^

And now for this post's 'Link of extreme Xtremeness'! Please visit But, only if you want to be amazed. Xiangyuan Jie is a true master...



Young Vo said...

Nice! I want to see another one tomorrow!

Who beats you at checkers?

Ramsés Meléndez said...

Awesome, real cool concept!

Andy Murray said...

young vo, I BEAT HIM AT CHECKERS, bwahahaha!!! He beats me at real life, though :(

Unknown said...


LidMayn said...

sup josh, me and a few other CCAD kids hope to meet ya @ SDCC.

that new peice is very dope

Joshua James said...

Thanks everyone!

Andy- You mean I beat you at Puzzle games! Beware of Dr. Mario and a whole host of other puzzle games you love to die in! ^ ^

Lid- C U there!

benjamin trobat -cartoonist- said...

noo!!! your art is amaizing man! whats nice paintings! benja

Anonymous said...