Monday, November 20, 2006

J.C. Leyendecker - Art' Exhibit!

- a Great show of an artist long forgotten.-

My hand doesn't look nearly' as cool as that old man's!

the Haggin Museum in Stockton CA, near the Bay Area has an Amazing display of the Master and my favorite aritst J.C. Leyendecker's art work! This weekend I was blessed to have spent nearly 4 hours staring at about 50 of his Beautiful and Efficient paintings. I realllly hope I can get back up to Stockton before the show goes on a traveling tour of the states. The last day of the show will be on the 31st of December. Thankfully it is the Haggin's private collection and will return to the museum after it's tour! ^_^

PLEASE make sure to check out this show and tell everyone! even your mother! And hopefully his legacy will grow in power.


shellywan said...

it's a shame isn't it? only open 1 to 5?? i want to go for two days!! ^0^

have a great thanksgiving by the way!


Roland Mechael said...

thanks for sharing! I've seen Rockwell's exhibit last time and I'm sure it's truly spellbinding to see his (JCL) work too! Do you know where it's going next?

--great work on fading oasis by the way! ;)

G R I G O R said...

HA here it is! glad it worked out! =D

taker easy!


Tom Kidd said...

Hi Joshua, I got your comment from Concept Art and my blog. Thanks. A friend of mine owns an original Leyendecker as well as a small Rockwell. Shortly after J.C.'s death an associate of his dumped a bunch of his art at an art store in New Rochelle, NY. You could buy J.C.'s color sketches for $5 and Post covers for $20. That's where Don Spaulding bought his. Don was a student of Rockwell's and he is in the book "Rockwell's People." He now does western art.

PS: In contrast to the other prices, a Rockwell, his "Breaking Home Ties" painting. just sold for $15.4 million.

Ben Mauro said...

Josh, i stumbled across your blog and found the info about the show. i just made the trip today, fantastic and very worth it. thanks


Jack Shepherd said...

Nice josh, Im a little jealous. props!

Anonymous said...

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